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Are you hoping to Gain or Lose something?

At Soul Shed NZ we focus our teachings around six main Pillars of Being

They include your Physical / Intellectual / Emotional / Social / Sexual / Spiritual components. Your PIESSS.

Topics are distinguished by whether you want to enhance that area of your being or mitigate it. Here are some examples:


  • Mindfulness / Peace of Mind / Equanimity – what is it? How is it achieved? Where do I start?

  • Meditation – investigate practices, explore what works best for you. Sitting, lying, standing, and walking are some of the most typical physical forms of meditation but what happens when we include sound, breathwork, and guided focus or intention practices?

  • Compassion / Loving Kindness – These are the core of sustained happiness and satisfaction in life. Let’s take some time to explore how we cultivate these to rid ourselves and others from suffering.

  • Forgiveness – Whether we need to forgive ourselves or others. We don’t truly know how suffocating resentment is until we free ourselves from its shackles. Let’s explore what may be preventing you from forgiving.

  • Letting Go / Surrender – Attachment is a foundation of suffering. In our ever changing world we often are disappointed by changing elements and yearn for consistency. Let’s explore how we can alter our habitual thought patterns to ease our suffering due to attachment.

  • Gratitude – Being grateful is a powerful practice to help pull the mind out of negative thought patterns and sustain a ‘glass half-full’ mentality. Gratitude practices enable awareness and fulfilment with what we do have. Rather than desire, which creates a perpetual feeling of lack, gratitude instils abundance.

  • Joy / Ecstasy – Many of us are on a hunt for deep Joy or Ecstasy. Let’s explore what that really means and how we can experience more of these emotional states in our everyday lives.

  • LovePersonal / Unconditional / Romantic / Divine – Love can be a very confusing topic, especially in the Westernised world where our vocabulary and societal pressures have limited our understanding of Love. Did you know romantic love isn’t the only kind of love? It’s time to expand your understanding of love so that you can be a more loving person to yourself and others. Love is a transformational energy, and we can explore how, from personal to business realms, Love will make your entire life more fulfilling and prosperous. 

  • Sex – Yes you read that right. SEX! What a fun topic for some and uncomfortable topic for others. Whether you want to overcome uncomfortable barriers that you feel are in between you and connecting deeper to yourself or partner(s) or if you want to explorer deeper levels of intimacy to spice up your sexual side, we will help you uncover whatever is lying beneath.


  • Ego and Judgement – If you truly desire to dig deep, we will need to start by exploring your current ego-drive and attachments to Judgement. What do you think is right or wrong? Good or bad? Why do you think this way? What is true?

  • Anger / Violence – sometimes we express ourselves in ways we don’t always expect. Anger and violence are often misdirected expressions of emotion that have very powerful roots. Let’s uncover some soil and look into where these emotions are actually coming from. What’s giving them so much energy? Can we redirect the energy into more powerful levels of consciousness?

  • Insecurity / Fear / Anxiety – These three are grouped as they all prevent us from expressing our True nature, our Selves, the Cores of who we feel we are. Delving into what our own insecurities and fears are, as well as, the experiences that trigger anxieties, enables us to understand their influence on our lives. We can then start to rewrite our stories so that we are no longer controlled by insecurity, fear and/or anxiety.

  • Trauma – Most anyone who has lived has experienced some form of trauma. At birth we are literally removed from our mothers and experience abandonment for the first time. Trauma often results in specific behavioural reactions that we carry through life with us. Trauma lives mostly in the shadows of our being and is often only noticed when triggered by some form of external stimuli – usually it expresses itself as a strong reaction. It is a rare experience to stop and assess what has happened in our past or ancestor’s past that we are holding onto. Because we are holding onto these things, we have to opportunity to let them go…

  • Stress – Stress is very much a component of our everyday lives. While stress can be a helpful motivator, when untamed, it can lead to a myriad of ill health effects. Let’s explore what causes our stress and techniques we can use to deal with and manage our stress. 

  • Addiction – whether it be addiction to devices, work, social media, drugs, or video games there is a common core to our vices. Maybe the real healing will happen once we understand our addictions on a deeper level.

  • Depression / Suicide – Yet another charged topic in our modern world. While clinical depression often requires medicinal intervention, less intense bouts of depression can be healed, overcome, and managed through inner work. As suicide rates increase more people are finding themselves in situations where they are either experiencing suicidal thoughts themselves or have someone close to them who is. Talking about what to do and learning techniques to help identify prevent these emotional states may prevent an early death.

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