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A Little More About Us

"What you are looking for lies within."

Soul Shed NZ sprouted out of a yearning to share teachings that helped liberate Kyle and Leyla from their own restrictive stories.

Life can feel like a burden at times - the feeling of a need to BE or ACT in certain ways relative to our current environment. From a young age we are told how to be or act and many people often go through life without even realising that they are living other peoples stories. The people who told you that you couldn’t act that way, the people who told you that you have to achieve something to be successful, the people who told you that you only deserved love if you did something for them.

All of these ways of “Being” have been wrapped around our CORE like the rubber-bands of a rubber-band-ball or the layers of an onion – each belief another rubber band, another layer of skin, another wall to hide behind.

Through the practice of looking inward, the practice of self-reflection, we give ourselves a chance to remove the rubber-bands, peel back the layers, and demolish the walls to reveal who and what it is that we really are. Who and what it is that we truly want to Be.

Each experience that Soul Shed NZ offers is unique, in that it takes an organic process of the present moment. What are the participants in a group currently sitting with? What does an individual in a one-on-one session long for right now? No matter what it is, we strive to supply teachings or tools that will assist each person on their journey to their CORE.

We strive to provide a safe and cultivating environment, which incorporates teachings from all walks of life. Sometimes it will be a story of a great leader from the past like Ghandi or Mother Teresa, whereas other times it might be a meditative teaching from Zen or Buddhist backgrounds. In a way Soul Shed NZ is a sample stand of inner practices where you will get to try a variety of techniques and choose what works best for you in the present moment.

Please come and join us on a journey to cultivate our Most Powerful Selves.

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