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Henry Thompson
Henry Thompson

Free Download Adobe Pagemaker 5.0 Full Version !!HOT!!

Have a new computer with Windows Vista 64 Bit OS. From a Page Maker or Word doc., I can not print to file (PDF). Get a message that first says "Will not launch acrobat distiller". Then I get a message immediately after that says, "Can not send to post script distiller". I have tried to re-install Distiller 5.0 for no help and I have also tried to download latest post script drivers from Adobe web site but they will not install. My Adobe program is pretty old (Photoshop 6 and Page Maker 7) but everything worked fine on other older computer with XP. I can not find any older free download versions of Acrobat and I DO NOT WANT TO BUY ACROBAT 9 LIKE SOME SUGGEST DOING. I am looked to solve problem with out cost.

free download adobe pagemaker 5.0 full version



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