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Download Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 for PS3 - The Best DBZ Game Ever Made

Hey, I know this is a pretty specific request but if someone could give out some help I'd appreciate it. So I recently modded my ps3 and wanted to play raging blast 2 since it's one of my childhood games, after some searching and stuff I was able to install it and play it but it seems the musics aren't the original ones from the game. I know there were some licensing problems in the past and they had to release a different version of the game without battle of omega but in the multiple versions I found and downloaded when the intro plays there actually is battle of omega, but when i get to the main menu, the songs are completly different and are actually the original songs from the anime. The names are not changed but the songs aren't what they're supposed to be, for example there's db gt's intro. If someone knows where I can find a version of the game with the legit songs from the original game I'd be very grateful. Ps: sorry if I made some errors, I'm from italy and english isn't my main language.

download dragon ball raging blast 2 ps3


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