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Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell

Video Spin Blaster Cracked Download WORK

Pixel Pusher"Face it, multimedia is crack - people get addicted," says Alex St. John, founder of WildTangent. But slow downloads can ruin a good trip. So, his Redmond-based company is hell-bent on creating a reliable player that lets Web sites quickly deliver 3-D games via PDA, dialup PC, and mobile phone. You may remember St. John as the Microsoft-made millionaire fired for insubordination and known for evangelizing DirectX, the set of APIs that made Windows a serious game platform. His recent work includes a play-by-email combat title based on the movie A Knight's Tale. "Our idea for 3-D is that the game model works," says St. John, whose top customer is Microsoft. "People say, 'Someday you'll be able to look at a sneaker in 3-D and spin it around.' Who the fuck wants to see a sneaker spin?"

video spin blaster cracked download


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