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The Cast and Crew of 180 Telugu Movie Dvdrip Free 24: Who Are They and What Did They Do?

180 Telugu Movie Dvdrip Free 24: A Romantic Drama Worth Watching

If you are looking for a romantic drama that will make you laugh, cry, and think, then you should watch 180 Telugu Movie Dvdrip Free 24. This is a 2011 bilingual film that was released in Telugu and Tamil languages, starring Siddharth, Nithya Menen, and Priya Anand. The film was directed by Jayendra Panchapakesan and produced by Sathyam Cinemas and Aghal Films. The film has a unique title that reflects the theme of the story: how a person's life can change in 180 days.

180 Telugu Movie Dvdrip Free 24

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What is 180 Telugu Movie?

180 Telugu Movie is a romantic drama that revolves around the life of Ajay (Siddharth), a young man who has only 180 days left to live due to a terminal illness. He decides to spend his remaining days in San Francisco, where he meets and falls in love with Vidya (Nithya Menen), a photojournalist. However, he also has a past in India, where he was married to Renuka (Priya Anand), a doctor. The film explores how Ajay deals with his two loves and his impending death.

Why is it called 180?

The film is called 180 because it shows how Ajay's life changes in 180 days. He goes from being a successful businessman in India to being a carefree wanderer in San Francisco. He also experiences two different kinds of love: one that is passionate and intense, and another that is calm and mature. The film also has a twist at the end that reveals why Ajay chose to live his last days in San Francisco.

Where can you watch it for free?

If you want to watch 180 Telugu Movie for free, you can find it online on various websites that offer free streaming or downloading of movies. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of these sites, as some of them may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or data. One of the safest and best sites to watch 180 Telugu Movie for free is Ko-fi, where you can support the creator of the movie by donating or buying them a coffee. You can also find other movies and content on Ko-fi that you may enjoy.

Plot Summary

The first half: Ajay's life in San Francisco

The film begins with Ajay arriving in San Francisco with a backpack and a camera. He starts living in a hostel and roaming around the city, taking pictures of random people and things. He also befriends an old man named Subramaniam (Mouli), who runs a bookstore. One day, he meets Vidya, who works as a photojournalist for a magazine. They have an instant attraction and start dating. Vidya is impressed by Ajay's photography skills and his cheerful attitude towards life. She also notices that he wears a wristband that counts down his days left to live, but he does not tell her the reason behind it.

The second half: Ajay's past in India

The film then shifts to Ajay's past in India, where he was known as Mano. He was a rich and successful CEO of an advertising company, who was married to Renuka, a doctor who worked for an NGO. They had a happy and loving marriage, until one day, Mano was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor that gave him only six months to live. He was devastated by the news and decided to leave everything behind and travel the world without telling anyone, not even Renuka. He changed his name to Ajay and started living each day as if it was his last.

The climax: Ajay's decision and fate

The film then returns to San Francisco, where Vidya finds out about Ajay's illness and his past from Subramaniam, who reveals that he is actually Ajay's father-in-law. He also tells her that Renuka has been searching for Ajay ever since he disappeared, and that she has finally tracked him down to San Francisco. Vidya confronts Ajay about his lies and asks him to choose between her and Renuka. Ajay admits that he loves both of them, but he cannot hurt either of them. He decides to leave San Francisco and go back to India with Renuka, who has come to take him home. However, on the way to the airport, he changes his mind and asks Renuka to let him go back to Vidya. Renuka agrees and tells him to be happy with Vidya. She also gives him a letter that she wrote for him before he left her.

Ajay returns to Vidya and apologizes for his actions. He also reads Renuka's letter, which reveals that she knew about his illness all along, but she did not tell him because she wanted him to live freely without any fear or pain. She also tells him that she loves him unconditionally and wishes him happiness with Vidya. She ends the letter by saying that she will always be waiting for him in heaven.

Ajay is moved by Renuka's letter and realizes how much she loved him. He also realizes that he has only one day left to live according to his wristband. He decides to spend his last day with Vidya, doing all the things that they wanted to do together. They go on a boat ride, visit a museum, watch a movie, dance at a club, and make love at their hotel room. The next morning, Ajay wakes up before Vidya and writes her a farewell note on the mirror. He then leaves the room quietly and walks towards the Golden Gate Bridge, where he jumps off into the water.

The film ends with Vidya waking up and finding Ajay's note on the mirror. She runs out of the hotel and reaches the bridge, where she sees Ajay's body floating on the water. She breaks down in tears as she watches him drift away.

Cast and Crew

Siddharth as Ajay

Siddharth is an Indian actor who has worked in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada films.He plays the role of Ajay/Mano,a young man who has only six months left to live due to brain tumor.He portrays both sides of his character convincingly:the successful businessman who leaves everything behind,the carefree wanderer who falls in love again,and the conflicted lover who faces death.He delivers an emotional performance that makes the audience empathize with his plight.

Nithya Menen as Vidya

Nithya Menen is an Indian actress who has worked in Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada,Hindi films.She plays the role of Vidya,a photojournalist who falls in love with Ajay.She portrays her character as an independent,strong,and lively woman who brings joy into Ajay's life.She also shows her vulnerability when she learns about Ajay's illness and past.She shares a great chemistry with Siddharth,and their scenes together are romantic and realistic.

Priya Anand as Renuka