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Where To Buy Coconut Milk Yogurt __LINK__

Homemade coconut milk yogurt is a rich and creamy dairy-free yogurt. Unlike other vegan yogurts (soy milk or almond milk) coconut milk yogurt can be as thick as you want without any additives. Just use a good quality preservative-free coconut milk (affiliate link) that contains some coconut cream.

where to buy coconut milk yogurt

Coconut milk yogurt is the easiest dairy-free and vegan yogurt option. It can be made from a number of different types of culture, including vegan yogurt, milk kefir and kombucha. See the section above for more details.

I made coconut yogurt in my instant pot overnight. It is runny and it does not taste sour at all. Not sure if I did something wrong. I used two cans of coconut milk/cream and one packet of yogurt starter. Can I re-culture it with another packet and maybe a thickener?

Hi. Is there a brand of coconut milk that is organic and 100 percent coconut milk? aAroy d is 100 percent coconut milk but not organic. I wish it was organic. I often make coconut milk using dried coconut flakes and water. It works fine for baking but not for coconut whipped cream. I wanted coconut milk to make yogurt. Any suggestions?

Hi, I am not vegan but I also follow the SCD diet because food intolerances so, coconut milk with not additives should be fine. Try it first thing in the morning and check if you react to it. I form have problems with the coconut milk but still problems with the fiber. Try not to stress out with every little thing and do your best, healing will still take place. God Bless!!

Hi. If you make your own coconut milk what should the consistency then be? I use 1 cup coconut flakes with 2 cups water, blend it and then use a nut milk bag to squish the milk out. After its cooled can I use the milk or should my consistency be 1 cup flakes with 1 cup water or thicker for the yoghurt?

I have made milk yogurt for years. I always heat the milk and use my handy yogurt maker.Why do you not heat the coconut milk?Do you think using the yogurt maker would work with the coconut milk?Looking forward to trying your recipe.

Just this week I made an all coconut milk yogurt that was so yummy. 4 cups coconut milk + 3T tapioca starch + 1T coconut yogurt (So Delicious brand) for starter. Now I am going to try yours! Sounds Delish! Thanks

I made this recipe with just the coconut milk cream (I used the cream and the more watery milk that settles in the can), probiotics, and gelatin. It ended up tasty but not very thick (more like drinkable yogurt). How can I make it thicker, add more gelatin? Is it a problem that I did not add the maple syrup? There was a watery later on the bottom which I assume was the culture, so I think it worked, I just want it thicker

We've shared 3 plant based yogurt recipes: soy yogurt, cashew yogurt and a raw vegan coconut yogurt. The first one is not a simple recipe and cashews and young coconuts are expensive are hard to find in some places, so that's why I love this recipe so much, it's so easy to make and more affordable. Besides, it requires only 2 ingredients: a full fat can of coconut milk and 3 probiotic supplements, that's all!

The MOST important tip I have for you is this: Be aware that many canned full-fat coconut milks have a layer of coconut OIL on the top. So, instead of two layers, cream and watery milk, there are three layers.

I cannot believe I have not yet made coconut milk yogurt. I have made goat milk yogurt with raw goat milk tons of time, but guess it is now time to give this a go. It looks absolutely amazing and creamy and I know my kiddos would be huge fans of it!Great job, missy!!xok

Probiotic capsules taken as supplements may or may not contain these two cultures: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. That's not to say that using a capsule is harmful, you just may not be making true yogurt. Different bacteria are used for culturing different foods (kefir, piima, yogurt, etc). That said I am not even using a dairy milk to make yogurt! Ha! I would say it all depends on your comfort level. My friend Kelly over at took my yogurt recipe and began making it with capsules. So take a look over at her site. I still prefer using a bacteria mix specifically designed for yogurt making. But then I am one of those people that throws out leftovers after day three : ).

I just made my first batch of coconut milk and it turned out great!!! Put it in a 100 degree oven and left it for 9 hours. Let it cool for another 8 and boy do I have yogurt. Can't wait to have some for breakfast ? Thanks for the fabulous recipe!

Well, I got very excited reading you recipe for coconut yogurt because I miss yogurt so much. I've been allergic to dairy now for 10 years. But there is another problem for me. I have Candida and I cannot use very much sweetner, like sugar cane or honey. So, of course there would be no way for the bacteria to grow, would there?

I've just come across your recipe and am wondering-do you purchase more yogurt starter every time you make this? Seems pretty expensive! Is there any way to eventually use some of your own last batch to start the next, or will this method not work well with coconut milk? Thanks!

Hi, Lexie! I just found your recipe, and I am in need of some help. It seems like you've experimented with non-dairy milks quite a bit, so I'm hoping you can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong ? I first tried using the recipe on the Cultures for Health site, and it didn't set up at all, even after 24 hours of culturing (I tried it first for 8-12 hours, then did a second batch for 24 hours). Last night I tried your recipe in my new yogurt maker (the batches I tried before were made using MacGyver methods). It definitely set up better, but I still don't really like it. It's kind of watery, and way too tart. It looks nothing like your picture, though. Maybe I'm delusional in thinking I can create something similar to So Delicious yogurt! Do you think it's possible I have a dead batch of starter? I'm considering trying to use some cow's milk just to see if it works with that. Thanks in advance for your help!

I finally had non-dairy yogurt success!!! I made this yesterday and had it for breakfast this morning, so good! It was actually my first time having coconut yogurt because I have never been able to justify spending what So Delicious charges. Well I am never going to find out now that I know I can't make this and it is so easy! I actually used Lite Coconut milk because that was all I could find at Trader Joes and I used my probiotic capsules and just poured one in. (It is all allergy free) but I did buy the one you recommend just waiting for it to arrive. I am so excited thanks so much and now I will try the almond/hemp yogurt again now that I know what the process is supposed to look like. Thanks again and I will always be willing to try any more yogurt recipes you come up with!

I see the Vegan culture is processed in a plant with a lot of no-no's for me. I would love to try the coconut yogurt but am leary of the starter you use. Any body have trouble with it because of cross contamination?

Lexie, I have given up trying to make Almond Milk Yogurt. I have been using the Cultures for Health starter and the results are always inconsistant. I would like to try the Coconut Milk yogurt but would like to make my own coconut milk as I have done with the Almond Milk (per your method). Does the homemade coconut milk set as well as the canned variety?

Hi Katy, Yikes. No, do not use commercial prepared milks like so delicious. You want pure coconut milk. The recipe calls for 2 cans of full-fat Thai Kitchen coconut milk. I am surprised that it even turned out for you. The carton milks have a number of additives that can interfere with culturing IMO. This is what you want to be using:

I know you said to follow your directions to the letter so I had one little question: I make my own coconut milk that is definitely without the additives. While the can stuff is thicker to begin with I was reading the different comments it seems that someone made their yogurt with almond and/or help milk. Or am I reading it wrong? I'd love to use my coconut milk instead. I get spoiled when it comes to the REAL DEAL.

dehydrated coconut flakes makes a decent milk which is far superior to the canned. 1 cup of flakes to 3 to 4 cups of hot water. Either blend for a few minutes in a blend and strain through a nut bag or I wait until the mixture cools (I don't blend) and let my Omega VRT juicer do the work for me. I have coconut flour and milk at the same time. -your-own-coconut-milk. She uses 4 cups of water and I use less.. I can always add more water. Very easy to do. My juicer also makes almond and hemp milk (sans the skin on the almonds). It's all about the toys!

Hoping to get some feedback on what I did wrong. I made coconut milk by soaking two cups of coconut flakes in 4 cups distilled water and then blending for a minute with the VitaMix. After refrigerating for the night (quart jar), there was a one inch thick layer of hard fat at the top. I heated the milk to 115 and followed the instructions for thermophilic cultures at: -coconut-milk-yogurt-recipe/ I let the yogurt culture for 12 hours and then followed the remaining instructions. All seven yogurt jars had a very hard, thick fat layer over a very runny (but good tasting) coconut liquid. Not at all what I was expecting. Any suggestions?

Hi there! I'm quite new to yogurt making (let alone vegan yogurt making). Last week I made a soy yogurt that turned out alright, and I was so excited to try coconut milk yogurt! The first batch didn't turn out, but I realized it was probably because I didn't have organic coconut milk. So I bought the organic, and I tried again, but it is still turning out to be just liquid! The only change I made was using arrowroot powder instead of tapioca, but I followed everything else. Any suggestions? Also, is there anything I can add to it now (after the fact) to make it thick enough to be yogurt? Thank you! 041b061a72


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