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Mayochup Heinz Where To Buy

If you've been following the latest Heinz Mayochup news, then you know the two-in-one condiment is making its U.S. debut this year. Fans of the mayonnaise-ketchup combination will finally be able to pick up a bottle of the stuff they've been craving. So, here's where to buy Heinz Mayochup in the United States.

mayochup heinz where to buy


Prior to taking name suggestions, Heinz put the decision of whether or not to bring Heinz Mayochup to the United States in the hands of the Twitter community. In a Twitter poll on April 11, Heinz said it would bring "mayochup" to the United States if it got 500,000 "yes" votes. Well, the people must have really wanted Heinz Mayochup in the United States because in a tweet on April 16, Heinz announced that "mayochup" is officially coming to the United States (Heinz Mayochup is currently only available in the Middle Eastern Gulf States).

When the name debate arose at the announcement of Heinz Mayochup's U.S. arrival, many people chimed in with what they already call the combination of mayonnaise and ketchup. For fans of the mixture in Utah and Idaho, they know it as "fry sauce." They should feel right at home with a bottle of "Heinz Fry Sauce" or "Heinz Fry Sauce, Obviously." The Puerto Rican community knows the sauce as "mayoketchup," per The Washington Post. That name made the online naming cut, too, so you can keep an eye out for "Heinz Mayoketchup" as you peruse your "mayochup" name options on the Heinz website.

The color of mayochup reminds us a lot of Raising Cane's sauce. And the ingredients are probably about the same. As's Aaron Fisher has reported, Cane's sauce is probably something that includes mayo and ketchup, plus a little garlic powder, pepper and Worcestershire sauce. See how to make our version of Cane's sauce here.

In Mayochup, the team saw two things: (1) an opportunity to leverage the equity in Heinz Ketchup to elevate the new Heinz Mayonnaise, and (2) a way to get people to care about what otherwise would just be another condiment launch. So on April 11, we posted a simple Twitter poll: "Want #mayochup in stores? 500,000 votes for 'yes' and we'll release it to you saucy Americans." The attached image, which featured a "math problem" of a bottle of Heinz Mayonnaise + Heinz Ketchup = Heinz Mayochup was designed to maximize its viral-meme potential.

Heinz manufactures all of its tomato ketchup for their USA market at two plants: one in Fremont, Ohio, and the other in Muscatine, Iowa.[4] They closed their Canadian plant in Leamington, Ontario in 2014.[5] That plant is now owned by French's Food Company and manufactures French's Tomato Ketchup for the Canadian market.[6] Globally, Heinz manufactures ketchup in factories across the world, including the UK and the Netherlands.[7] Although there is one basic recipe for their ketchup, there are variations tailored to regional tastes, and usually depend on the country where it is manufactured.[8][9]

In restaurants, the glass bottle commonly used contains about 14 ounces (400 g) of ketchup. In 2002, the upside-down, squeezable plastic bottle (an opaque red bottle with a wide white cap on the bottom) was introduced for restaurants. It makes dispensing ketchup easier than from the glass bottle. The design also generates less waste as the ketchup settles down to the dispensing valve. Similarly designed squeezable bottles, in several different sizes, are available in grocery stores. It is also packaged as single serving packets made of foil and/or plastic.[10] In 2010, Heinz introduced Dip & Squeeze, a single serving packet designed for either dipping or squeezing.[34] A small bottle containing about 2.25 ounces (64 g) of ketchup is packaged for room service in hotels or situations where single serving packets associated with fast-food restaurants is undesirable.

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