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FBI: Most Wanted - Season 4

Yet one thing common among most of those properties is consistency. FBI: Most Wanted hasn't had any when it comes to its ensemble. The second of three FBI series created by Wolf for CBS, it's about to start its fourth season and has already lost several cast members, including its main star. The FBI: Most Wanted cast is undergoing yet another change in Season 4 -- so why have multiple actors left the series when it's a proven hit?

FBI: Most Wanted - Season 4

FBI: Most Wanted's cast upheaval seems to be because of coincidence, rather than any problems with the show itself. Three of the four ex-cast members left of their own volition, while the most recent departure was on mutual terms. The turnover hasn't harmed the series; it still has a consistent fan base and just scored a multi-season renewal. The only question about FBI: Most Wanted is how fans will react to yet another new team dynamic. 041b061a72

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